Wood - driving force of Latvian exports!
Latvian  Association  of Woodprocessing  Entrepreneurs   and  Exporters

Our tasks and objectives

  • to unite the entrepreneurs and persons engaged in the processing of wood, producing wood products and constructions, in order to create a joint action program;
  • to represent the enterpreneurs of wood processing and trading by exercising their legitimate interests in the state and administrative institutions, in cooperation with related organizations in Latvia and abroad;
  • to conduct market researches and to provide a support for our members in their marketing activities;
  • to carry out educational work among our members in technological, economic and other fields, by organizing and promoting exhibitions, competitions, experience exchange visits, seminars, conferences and other educational activities;
  • to promote collegiality and cooperation among the membersof LKUEA;
  • to promote the improvement of professional education in wood processing sector.

LKUEA is a member of Latvian Forest Industry Federation

The main task of Latvian Forest Industry Federation (LKF) is to ensure representation of the interests of Latvian forest industry in international level, as well as the development and coordination of various, non governmental forest industry organisations. Latvian Forest Industry Federation is in favor of sustainable forest management and processing of wood that is grown and extracted under Latvian law regulations and good practice.

LKF seeks to promote the Latvian forest sector in collaboration with the relevant institutions, to build a sustainable, stable economic environment for forest enterprise development and increasing competitiveness.

LKUEA was founded in the 7th of April, year 1993.

The association brings together companies operating in the wood processing industry - from lumber production till production of furniture and their components, construction products and ready-built houses, as well as marketing of wide range of wood products.