Joining LKUEA 

LKUEA invites to join companies that have a serious interest in contributing to the current industry issues and development of the sectors business environment.

To become a member of our association the company must be a legal entity, that is registered in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia. The company must support the objectives of the association, commit to fulfill the Statutes of LKUEA, recognize and respect the organization's methods of operation, and regularly pay its membership fee.

Legal entities, when becoming the members of LKUEA, must empower their representative - a person who will be entitled to participate in general meetings of the association and - if elected - institutions of management and financial operations audit.

    To start the process - please complete the application form (download), add a copy of a registration certificate and the statement of representation rights and send these documents to our office via post or e-mail (scanned). In case of questions you can call +371 22015715 or write [email protected]